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Starting up a business or maintaining a business website can be stressful and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at the Web Hawk Agency we show you the process of how to have a successful website that generates you sales.

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Beautifully designed websites that are effective at maximising your online presence and goals. We never begin a project until we know your business and your industry back to front. Our team will then work closely with you to ensure that everything we create maintains that understanding. We build websites around products and business goals, analyzing your best-performing services and then get sales where it matters most.

Built from scratch

Websites that work?…. We build websites around your business goals, we don’t just create beautiful websites. Here at Lucid web design, we strive to get your business more high-value profit customers. Researching and analysing your business services we find out which products are the most profitable, after which we then analyse your customers and from there we then create an effective profitable strategy for your business website.

website design

High profit leads? …  Once we have established your most profitable services or products, we then get to designing your website. All our websites are beautifully crafted to achieve your most important business goals. We won’t start a project without understanding your business front to back. All our websites have a purpose online and our goal is to achieve this purpose.

branding and logo

Branding and Logo play an important part of any online business. Your logo is what differentiates you from the competition and represents your business goals and values. We offer services to help create an effective brand and logo for your website that depicts your core values and purpose. 


Marketing your product to someone who isn’t interested is a complete waste of time and money, whereas building a profile of your ideal customer and then marketing to them makes sense right. This is just the start of what we do, we find the most compelling reason why? your customers purchase your product and we advertise your product to them. Thus creating a targeted and effective marketing strategy that works for.

content strategy

Working towards a common goal…Establishing who your ideal customer is and working back from that is an effective way of building content that works. Before we start to build a content strategy plan we create a persona of your ideal customer, once we know who your customer is we then build a content strategy plan specific to your business needs.

social automation

Time is money as the saying goes, Our team will show you how to create and maintain a social presence online using the latest automation software for social media. We don’t just save you time, we also show you how to create content that works. Great content is built around a marketing plan, here at lucid web design we tailor a plan that is bespoke to your business needs and is effective at generating you more profitable sales.   

Maintenance & Updates

After building a website for you, our team will remain available for changes and updates as you need them. Updates can be billed as part of a maintenance contract or on a need to basis.

Our Process


Learning your business inside out, defining your most profitable services. Then combining this with your ideal customer persona to create a strategic website plan





We research your industry to find the most sucessful color schemes and layouts that work for your business. Then combined with your business plan we design your website.


Making sure you as the business owner understand your most profitable goals and work towards them productively achieving them through your website


We then handcraft you a beautiful effective website based on your website plan. Ensuring that it delivers you leads based on your most profitable services or products.







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From online stores to personal websites, and custom apps to corporate websites, WEB-HAWK is the agency to build beautifully crafted websites that engage vistors.

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